extremely fast:
– 100 kHz bandwith for the test signal
– Inspection at 100 m/sec and a resolution of 1 mm

extremely low noise + stable:
– fully digitized signal processing

extremely variable:
– up to 256 channels / functional modules

Faster, higher, more powerful – the new family of eddy current test instruments featuring V5-technology, very high test speed, very high sensitivity and very high resolution and dynamics has got what it takes to be an overall winner!

The Elotest® PL 500 is the first eddy current test instrument of the V5-family, „specially designed for inline-testing“. It comes in a 19” and 4 HU industrial housing and features up to 16 plug-in modules. By using additional racks, it may be expanded to 256 plug-in modules. The modules could be fully synchronized test channels, distance compensation modules, I/O-modules our customer-specific evaluation modules.

The main feature of all V5-instruments is the completely digital signal processing chain on the NF-side (after demodulation) with an extremely great bandwidth of 100 kHz and ultra-fast multiplexing-capability featuring a multiplexing rate of 50 kHz for 64 channels.
Here technology reaches its limits: The PL500 is the fastest instrument of its class on the market.
The full dynamics of 96 dB (digital) across the entire frequency range from 1 Hz to 12.5 MHz speak for themselves – extreme dynamics and extremely low noise both guarantee crisp eddy current signals with high significance.

The display is something special, too:
The display of an analog tube is simulated in a digital manner – simply the best analog display, if it wasn’t digital and thus a low-key combination of traditionally proven and modern technology!

But what is the use for the customer? Here are some examples:

  • Long products (e. g. wires) could be inspected at a very high speed and great precision with fast rotors during the production process.
  • Rail-inspection trains could inspect the railway system under the same conditions as today, but at the speed of an ICE high-speed train.
  • Riveted seams (e. g. longitudinal) on aircraft could theoretically be inspected at “flight speed”.
  • Probe-arrays with 64 elements could inspect material surfaces with test speeds of up to 1 m/s.

Adding the new QL500 high-end sorting module will give you additional features:

  • Multi-batch multi-frequency sorting with Self-learning free shape gates.
  • Retroactive modifications of the sorting criteria by adding/removing good/bad parts.
  • Fast multi-channel sorting that determines the reversal point for free-falling parts.
  • Simultaneous sorting and crack detection in random combinations.