The ELOTEST IS was designed for use in on-site systems and records structural and alloying conditions as well as variations in conductivity, consistency and hardness by evaluating the electromagnetic characteristics and geometric deviations. Non-destructive material testing with eddy currents permits the identification of material defects like cracks and other inhomogeneities on almost any electrically conducting material.

Applications in the production line
The ELOTEST IS has been optimized for the automatic inspection and evaluation of continuous goods and the individual inspection of mass-produced parts and is therefore very well suited for the production line.

Easy operation with a clearly structured keypad
The instrument is operated via a distinctly structured keypad with a clear assignment of the functions. This way, even inexperienced operators are able to use the instrument quickly and reliably. The user-friendliness is supported with clear-text messages on the display.

Flexible control for a smooth integration
into production and inspection processes
Up to 64 applications (instrument settings) may be stored within the instrument and called up by the operator or the RS232-interface. With the microprocessor control and the communications interfaces the instrument may be easily integrated into production and inspection processes. Depending on the requirements up to 12 channels may be operated.

High speed sorting-mode
In the sorting-mode the ELOTEST IS uses a special high-speed technology and is able to inspect up to 100 (!) parts per second. Here each part generates a dynamic signal whose maximum value is stored and displayed as a dot on the screen. A variety of gates and counters (including percentage values) are available to evaluate the test results and trigger sorting switches.