• Maximum stability with unsurpassed signal purity for best results with classical eddy current and harmonic analysis
  • Suitable for all types of eddy current testing: Crack, heat treatment, material mix-up and grinding burn testing
  • Maximum test reliability through comprehensive system and sensor monitoring
  • Application-specific user interfaces for simplest operation
  • Full integration through extensive I/O functions with fieldbus connection
  • Modular design allows flexible expansion with easy maintenance


The ELOTEST PL600 is a digital eddy current test instrument which leaves no wish unfulfilled. A flexible software system
allows components to be inserted which are customised for each application, so that the operation can be carried out
quickly and reliably. A licensing system allows you to match the performance of the device to the task and makes it a safe
investment at an affordable entry price. A sound concept for replacement parts and service reduces operating and maintenance costs and enables maximum availability.

Technical Data:

  • 16 slots for functional modules
  • Available module types:
    – Test channel module CHM600 (one included in the basic price)
    – Fieldbus I/O module with fast quadrature inputs (optional)
    – 24 V I/O module with fast quadrature inputs (optional)
    – 8-channel analogue I/O module (option)
    – Many of the plug-in cards for the ELOTEST PL500 are compatible


  • Widescreen colour TFT display in IPS technology, 1280 x 800 pixels, 256 mm (10.1“) diagonal
  • HDMI output for external Full HD monitors (via USB also with touch screen operation)

Test Channel Modul CHM600

  • Test frequency range: 10 Hz – 12 MHz
  •  Driver output +/- 10 Vs; max 1000 mA
  • Measurement and control of the sensor current
  • Voltage/current controlled operation
  • Continuous monitoring of transmitter coils for wire breakage and interturn short circuiting

Sensor Input Stages

  • Two input channels per module
  • Differential inputs with 90 dB common mode rejection
  • Continuous monitoring of receiver coils for wire breakage
  • Low-noise, digitally adjustable pre-amplifier with multiplex capability
  • 2 x 18-bit ADC with 5 MSps conversion rate
  • Fully digital demodulation and FPGA-based signal processing at 250 kSps Sample Rate

Digital Signal Processing

  • High-performance signal processing chain in FPGA with
    – Digital sine wave generator 10 Hz – 12 MHz
    – Two independent levels of digital demodulation
    – Digital signal processing chain with
    – Distance compensation without auxiliary channel (option „Advanced“)
    – Signal Filter HP/LP independently adjustable 1 Hz – 100 kHz in 29 logarithmic increments per decade
    – Phase adjustment 0-359.5° in 0.5° increments
    – Various real time evaluation thresholds depending on application and licensing

Sensor connection

  • 26-pin HD sub connector for connection of all sensor types, compatible with the ELOTEST PL500 series
  • Connection for active sensor arrays with up to 64 sensors per channel
  • Connection for external sensor multiplexer for up to 64 sensors per channel
  • Intelligent Trigger All input for processing a wide variety of trigger signals

Integrated I/O processor

  • Central, high-speed I/O processor integrated in the basic unit
  • Shift register, end suppression, FIFO functionality, configurable I/O functions
  • Access to the outside world via I/O boards (fieldbuses, 24V-I/O) or via programmable channel-related I/O ports

Expansion via licensing system (later purchase possible)

Basic License (included in the basic price of the channel)

  • Full bandwidth and (100 kHz) full signal quality
  • One parameter set per channel

Advanced License (option, per channel)

  • Parameter and sensor multiplexing for up to 64 virtual MuxChannels per channel
  • Complete eddy current parameterisation per MuxChannel
  • Multiplex rate up to 250 kHz (switch rate MuxChannel to MuxChannel)
  • Internal sensor Multiplexer for two sensors
  • External sensor multiplexer control (multiplex rate from sensor to sensor up to 125 kHz, depending on the test frequency)
  • 3rd generation distance compensation with full bandwidth, without additional hardware
  • Advanced evaluation thresholds (including multi-sector threshold and tolerance band threshold)
  • Advanced sensor monitoring (noise monitor)
  • Harmonic analysis up to 2 MHz test frequency (5th harmonic) e.g. for recognition of grinding burn

Advanced Plus License (option, per channel)

  • Fast multi-frequency sorting with multi-lot function (multi-batch sorting) and harmonic analysis
  • Fast single frequency sorting with automatic turning point determination and harmonic analysis
  • Automatically activated teaching of sort functions with good parts
  • Figure-of-merit evaluation of all gate types (separation number)

Remote control capability/ PC software

  • Remote control via Full HD touch panel with virtual front panel (up to 100 m)
  • Remote control and remote maintenance via TCP/IP and supplied PC client (Windows, Linux, MAC)
  • Remote control via customised software with an open TCP/IP protocol

Housing data
Housing Protection class IP30
Width: 448.8 mm (19”)
Depth: 375 mm + 35 mm
Height: 177 mm (4 HE)
Weight: 10.5 kg (basic instrument with test channel)