Rohmann Company (Manufacturer of all kinds of in-line and portable Eddy Current instruments and accessories)

Rohmann GmbH was founded in 1977 with a staff of two to solve special applications in the aviation industry.1959 The first big success in the market was the introduction of the ROTOTEST B500, the world’s first battery-powered test instrument with display for rotary probes. The company’s success and growth continued in 1987 with the introduction of the ELOTEST B1, a universal eddy-current test instrument for the manual inspection of safety-relevant components in the aerospace industry. The instrument became the global standard for battery-powered eddy-current instruments. Until today, more than 1,000 instruments have been sold worldwide. In 1989 the introduction of the ELOTEST PL.1 marked the successful entry into the market of production-line inspection. In 1999 we developed the HARMONIC 2000, the first fully digital high perfomance test instrument to inspect heat exchangers in cooperation with Framatome. That same year the ELOTEST B300 representing the third generation of battery-powered eddy-current test instruments made its debut. One year later the ELOTEST M2, the world’s most powerful one-hand universal test instrument was introduced.

ITConcepts Company (Design and Manufacturer of Video Borescope , Borescope , Light Source , Rigid Endoscope)

IT Concepts produces finished endoscope systems as well as customized system solutions in Germany. The product range extends from rigid endoscopes to semi-flexible and flexible endoscopes, glass fiber endoscopes, video endoscopes (in various diameters and working lengths) and documentation units to cameras, adapters and accessories. In addition, IT Concepts develops custom-made products for your application. The devices comply with the current state of the art and meet the robust quality standard for everyday applications in the industry. The endoscopes from IT Concepts are designed for the visual inspection of all types of cavities and are already successfully used in the following sectors / areas: automotive, building technology and leak detection, energy technology (e.g. wind energy), aerospace, piping and turbine construction, foundry , Quality assurance, quality inspection, tank and tank construction, power plants, etc. IT Concepts has also optimized the structure and workflows of the company so that the customer can reuse his device after 15 days in case of service.

Manufacturer of all kind of in-line and portable Ultrasonic and X-Ray instruments and accessories.

Mitech CO.,LTD. located in Beijing, China and was founded in 2004 by a group of doctors and masters graduated from tsinghua or Peking University. As professional NDT manufacturer, Mitech will supply you best quality products with competitive price. All products have warranty up to two years and life-long maintenance.

Manufacturer of high-quality, Certified Testing Equipment, Testing Instruments and Testing Systems

Helling was founded in 1863 as a trading company, and now it is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality, certified testing equipment, testing instruments and testing systems for non-destructive materials testing . We convince our customers through innovative, customer-oriented developments in plant and equipment construction and through the reliable quality of our test equipment.