Rohmann Company

ROHMANN GmbH was founded in 1977 with a staff of two to solve special applications in the aviation industry.1959
The first big success in the market was the introduction of the ROTOTEST B500, the world’s first battery-powered test instrument with display for rotary probes that same year.

The company’s success and growth continued in 1987 with the introduction of the ELOTEST B1, a universal eddy-current test instrument for the manual inspection of safety-relevant components in the aerospace industry. The instrument became the global standard for battery-powered eddy-current instruments. Until today, more than 1,000 instruments have been sold worldwide.

In 1989 the introduction of the ELOTEST PL.1 marked the successful entry into the market of production-line inspection.

In 1999 we developed the HARMONIC 2000, the first fully digital high-perfomance test instrument to inspect heat exchangers in cooperation with Framatome. That same year the ELOTEST B300 representing the third generation of battery-powered eddy-current test instruments made its debut.

One year later the ELOTEST M2, the world’s most powerful one-hand universal test instrument was introduced.

Borescope DVR5

High resolution display Swivel monitor Focusable, interchangeable lenses Brilliant picture quality Ergonomic handle High power LED light source Temperature resistant up to 140 ° C Tactile and precise articulations control Bright and high-contrast display Borescope DVR5

Elotest M2

Universal inspection technology with powerful features The ELOTEST M2 is a universal one-hand test instrument for surfaces, bore holes and hidden structures. In addition, it measures the conductivity and layer thickness of all materials. The ELOTEST M2 features a DUAL-frequency...


Repair and calibration High sensitivity with a flaw detection > 20 µm Simple operation Automatic Lift-off, Zero and Tilt compensation Warning for lifted off probe Very good legibility of the LED scale display and the LCD display 35 hours operation...