Aram Azmoon Company

Aram Azmoon was established and registered in 1996 and It is a great pleasure to announce that Aram Azmoon is the first and unique private civil aviation NDT center approved by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization to offer all the NDT methods and services in Aviation in accordance with EASA PART-145 with 28 years of brilliant experience. Furthermore, we have exclusive representative of some factories around the world to provide all necessary equipment for NDT shops.

Exclusive representative

Rohmann GmbH
IT Concepts GmbH
Mitech Company

Our Products

UV Lights
Eddy Current Probes
Cables & Connectors
Radiography Film Viewer
Ultrasonic Shoes
Reference Blocks


Civil Aviation Organization of Iran
Iranian Society for Nondestructive Testing

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No.27, 32nd st., South Shaghayegh st., Naser Hejazi blvd. (West Ferdos blvd.)

Tehran, Iran

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