For crack detection and/or multi-frequency material testing directly in the production line.
The ELOTEST IS500 is characterised by its dynamic of 96 dB (digital) over a frequency range of 10 Hz to 12 MHz and, moreover,
its fully digital signal processing chain on the low frequency side (after demodulation) with 10 kHz bandwidth and with fast
multiplexing capability of 32 kHz multiplex rate (probe to probe).

Up to 8 probes per channel can be connected via an external multiplexer.
A maximum of 2 test channels can be used for crack detection and/or structural testing.
The sharpness and brilliance of the display are compelling.

This is achieved digitally: The display of an analogue tube display with adjustable.

Main features:

• For crack detection and/or structural testing
• Distance compensation
• Multiplex mode
• Sorting channel module with „Bubble Gate“
• Structural testing and sorting check with „Multilot“
• Retroactive teaching with „RetroTeach“
• FastSort Option